The Strength
of Community.

After the flooding of 2019, Fremont area residents might have wondered what could be worse. They got their answer with the pandemic of 2020.

Fremont received a one-two punch that would have knocked out lesser communities, yet we’re still our feet — and fighting back! How do we do it? Through the Strength of Community!

The Fremont Area Community Foundation rallied community members to secure flood recovery funds and organize the COVID-19 response. The foundation supported grassroots efforts to enhance firefighter safety equipment and training, and help high school seniors mark the milestone of graduation. It inspired youth and adults to give of their time and treasure for individual projects and Fremont Area Big Give, and it helped ensure that groups receiving grant funds remain sustainable.

Connecting people’s desire to help with causes in need has always been a goal of the Fremont Area Community Foundation. This year has proven that harnessing that Strength of Community is more important than ever.

Thank you for your partnership!

Melissa Diers Executive Director
Bob Hillis Board President